Return Policy

Return Policy


Customers patronising the designated products of our company (calculated from the day of purchase) enjoy the "7-day replacement guarantee service". If you want to replace the device, you must comply with the following "7-day replacement guarantee service" terms and conditions. Products that have been disassembled such as pods and disposable electronic cigarettes are not maintained, and reissues can be arranged according to the situation.

a) The customer must return the original box (not stained or damaged) and accessories! All accessories are complete and the product is not damaged / scratch marks and the warranty book has not been opened for use / filled in, and the product has been registered for maintenance or once repaired Not applicable to 7-day shopping guarantee

b) Replacement products must be completely packaged, not scratched by people, damaged by liquidity, the display is missing (word break and screen light / dead point) cannot be touched and cannot be started, the screen is blank or there is no response, and there is any scratch on the body Wet water cannot be started (it must be able to display the mobile phone's IMEI number or computer body number when it is turned on), it cannot read smart cards or accessories, incomplete natural disasters, and human accidental software problems, etc. Change the model / color of the same specification once

c) Have been repaired by the original or non-original repair center ”The warranty sticker is damaged, the registered product / mobile phone / accessories and follow-up software download / update / update any non-original software / ringtone or image Or the product cannot be operated normally due to improper use of pirated software. Our company will not return it.

d) The replacement product customer must present the original product inspection report to prove that the product quality does not meet the standard and it is confirmed that it is non-man-made damage.

e) The company has the right to send the suspected product to an authorised center for inspection and repair.The repair time will vary depending on different brands. During the inspection period, the company will provide replacement services depending on the situation. If the inspection is performed by an authorized agent; the card purchase is caused by the customer's improper use, artificial damage or liquid damage, etc., the company will not provide free replacement services and is not responsible.

f) It takes 7 working days to replace the replacement product. It is necessary to arrange a new machine replacement. The same model, the same color, non-refundable! If the replacement product is discontinued, the customer will be arranged to replace other products without refund! For other models or colors, the company needs to charge 50% of the product.

g) If the pods, disposable electronic cigarettes, etc. have been disassembled and serious oil leakage is found, and they cannot be smoked, we will not reissue them immediately. After the customer can provide evidence to our customer service staff, we will issue a certificate on your next sheet Random reissue in order.

h) Due to the different laws in different regions, customers should confirm that the purchased products comply with local laws when purchasing. If the purchased product violates local laws, the company will not make any compensation, disposal and all legal responsibilities!

I) Please keep all damaged products first and take a video, video content: the product is not working when using.
The factory only accepts compensation claims with video proof.

Damaged products need to be returned to us first, then we’ll report the problem to the factory so that a new product can be sent to you for replacement.